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Packing in a vacuum package
What do we know, about production packed into vacuum packages? Why products spoil? It happens because of influence with oxygen and under the influence of microorganisms, and also temperatures promoting their development. At storage of production in vacuum packing, the probability of fast damage of...
Group: Packaging of goods
Packing streychy boxes on a palle
- If you think that the cardboard box is possible, then you are mistaken. The matter is that a cardboard box, any sizes, for toasters, or even for big plasma panels, it is necessary to order separately. Yes, it is possible, its production also costs kopeks, but these boxes need to be brought...
Group: Packaging of goods
Repair of palletoupakovshchik.
Spare parts for a palletoupakovshchik of EXP-108, EXP-308, EXP-408 Spare parts for ECOSPIR ELC/SX palletoobmotchik Spare parts for a palletoobmotchik of Paklet F1 Siat Main payments of management Photosensors (photo sensor) Platform wheels Reducer Trailer switches Chips Motors OPTIONS:
Group: Maintenance and repair of trade automation equipment
Repair strepping of cars.
Not all spare parts which are available in a warehouse more exact information are presented to you in the list our managers will provide. - Spare parts for a strepping of TR-202, TR-201 cars (TP-202, TP-201) in existence and under the order TA-071 the Returnable spring, TA-073 the Spring...
Group: Maintenance and repair of trade automation equipment
Repair of Thermoshrinkable cars
Silicone sealing rubber Silicone rubber of various profiles, properties and sizes. It is widely applied as sealing elements in the packing equipment - - Nikhromovy zapayechny knife Represents a tape the sizes of 3х0,5 mm. On which at the time of soldering and cutting there passes the...
Group: Maintenance and repair of trade automation equipment


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