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  • Semi-automatic strepping Optima-202 car
Semi-automatic strepping Optima-202 car
  • Semi-automatic strepping Optima-202 car

Semi-automatic strepping Optima-202 car

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Semi-automatic a strepping the Optima-202 car is convenient in operation and is simple in service

The control panel is located in forward part of the car on the right side and a little removed in the equipment that allows to protect it from casual damages.

Adjustment is installed on control panels:

  • forces of a tension of a polypropylene (software) tape -
  • lengths of emission of software of a tape (depending on dimensions of the tied object)
  • additional probros tapes

The banding Optima-202 mechanism is executed with the minimum quantity of details thanks to what the car works much more quietly than the analogs that allows to use it even at offices and shops

The equipment is ready for work practically right after inclusion, the heating element is warmed quickly enough.

The seat for a bay of a tape is made of metal.

Technical characteristics of the equipment

Obvyazyvaniye speed

3 sec./binding

Adjustment tension force

3-45 kg

Parameters of the tape used by software

Width from 5 to 15 mm - Thickness is 0,5-0,8 mm


220 В/50/60 Hz / 1 phase / 0,25 kW

Dimensions of the equipment (DKHSHKHV)

755 x 550 x 760 mm

Weight of the equipment of NETTO/BRUTTO

74 / 82 kg

Noise level

&le-75 dB

Environmental conditions

temperature 0s ~ 40s


Semi-automatic a strepping the Optima-202 car works on so many quietly that it can be used at offices.

The convenient funkiya of emission of a tape is useful when packing goods of various dimensions. If there is not enough set length that having pressed the button it is possible "to throw out" a tape at the necessary length and to continue packing of production.


Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 31.01.2018

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